Cardude Central was a series of random videos.
Cardude Central
Later, it was canceled for ripping off the main videos that it used. It was forgotten and untouched June 2014, when it surprisingly aired a 5th episode, but it was not like the original Cardude Central with videos from previous days; this was pure randomness including random scenes from videos. It consisted of animations, Minecraft clips, Club Penguin clips, you get the point. Cardude Central was revived better than ever!


  • It had 4 episodes before it stopped for a very long while
  • The series is meant to be like a television channel, or at least similar.
  • When it came back, it was still by the name of Cardude Central, even though Cardude2001 changed his username to CartoonAddict.
  • This series is similar to Minecraft Cuts, with the difference being that Cardude Central isn't based upon one video at a time, and is based upon different scenes, genres, and video games.


Cardude Central Episode 118:00

Cardude Central Episode 1

Cardude Central Episode 214:03

Cardude Central Episode 2

Cardude Central Episode 313:05

Cardude Central Episode 3

Cardude Central Episode 4 (Last)03:40

Cardude Central Episode 4 (Last)


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