Building Collab Wedge Bump (Snowball Throwing)00:06

Building Collab Wedge Bump (Snowball Throwing)

A wedge bump.

The Building Collab is the biggest video contest that Cardude2001 has ever posted. The contest was 5 months long. It is 30 minutes long in the video. Look at 2nd video on the side of this page for the video.
Building Collab30:13

Building Collab

The Building Collab's main video

The rules were to make a comedy about building, but most of them were building. The only guy that made a comedy was 12evee. He won 30 tickets on Roblox. The runner-up was Justin4lol. He won some building requests. Third place was a tie. There was Webdude2004(Clubpenguinfan2 on Roblox) and Thekillingzone3000 (Gamestopboy567 on Minecraft). Webdude2004 won for his Blockland building. Thekillingzone3000 won for a fast and nice appearence of Minecraft with some building. It also has some bumps. Watch the other video on the side to watch one of my special wedge bumps.


  • The main video has been removed due to a copyright claim.
  • Justin4lol had the longest entry, being about 10-12 minutes.

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