Video endings have been around since 2011. They appear at the end of videos.


Club Penguin 2011-2012 Video Ending00:04

Club Penguin 2011-2012 Video Ending

Minecraft 2011-2012 Video Ending00:04

Minecraft 2011-2012 Video Ending

Game Mixups 2011-2012 Video Ending00:04

Game Mixups 2011-2012 Video Ending

Roblox Video Ending00:06

Roblox Video Ending

Club Penguin Video Ending00:06

Club Penguin Video Ending


  • The 2013 ending is a cardude2001 character spinning.
  • The Roblox video ending was the first 2013 video ending, with Cardude2001 spinning.
  • Only the 2011-2012 video ending includes Cardude2001 (PR3).

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